5 Ways to build Employee Engagement

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1. Milestone Mementos

When something good happens, you need to show some love.

At the end of a major project, present each member of a team with a memento that recognizes their part in successful completion of a major product release, achievement of a quality standard, the awarding of a patent, or the winning of a major contract.  These gifts or mementos need not be large, but they will serve as a permanent reminder of a specific success. When possible, tie the memento to the specific project. The memento could be a printed shirt, a desk paperweight, a coin, or a mantle showpiece.

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2. High Standards.

In the world of quality assurance, process improvement or an emphasis on zero accident safety, it is important to incentivize and motivate the achievement of high standards. Many times achieving a high standard is its own reward, but a small token of appreciation for sustained and well directed effort goes a long way towards saying a proper thank you to those who met the goals given to them.

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3. Top Achievers.

If somebody is the best, show them! Give them a trophy to show off  to others People hang diplomas in their offices, and other certificates of achievement, to show others that they have achieved at a high level. The showpieces matter a lot to our egos. Think of all the importance place on the Oscar award, or the Emmy’s or the Grammy’s. These are prized possessions. Whatever your business, there are people who achieve the equivalent of these well known awards. Top achievers deserve no less.

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4. Exceeding Expectations.

Sales is a tough business. Great sales managers set high quotas and push their people, and should also make a huge deal out of those who exceed those targets. The pride of receiving an award for exceeding quota is incredible. Even more incredible is having a wall full of exceeded quota awards. But this isn’t just for sales. You can use any metric to set goals, and when people exceed goals. They deserve a memento of that super achievement.

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5. Start at the beginning.

Make an impression on the first day by including in your onboarding process a couple branded products that the new employee can wear or use in public and declare they are part of your organization. Products with your logo and values of your organization provides a daily reminder that the new hire is part of a vibrant team, working towards creating value in the world.  Branded apparel can serve the dual purpose of creating that feeling of a team with the employee and marketing to all the people who see them wearing it.


Corporate Culture, a new currency.

More than ever, prospective employees are looking for a corporate culture that appreciates their contribution. Money is only one measure, and since most people don’t broadcast their salary, they need symbolic ways to tell friends and co-workers they are good. That is where First Place helps you. We create gifts awards and custom apparel that you can use for congratulating and motivating your most important asset, human resources.


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