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The other day I received a call from Kevin Babeaux, who runs a media company called Rhineaux Media Corp. We decided to run an ad with his website and print magazine.  Pink Spots reaches a niche market of people who are looking for businesses friendly to the LGBTQ community. I love when people like Kevin strive to meet the needs of a small group, a niche. According to luminaries like Seth Godin, working with your “tribe” is where businesses are succeeding in today’s world.

In a day when the nation seems divided by all sorts of ideologies, political parties and other faux divisions, we like to remember that all people are basically the same. We like to be recognized and appreciated for the good that we do, and we like to feel good about our work in our jobs, communities and other endeavors. We don’t care what your particular beliefs or lifestyle is, for we love to celebrate your successes at wherever you find your passions and talents.

So next time you meet that person in the coffee shop, the bus, the grocery store, and they are maybe a little different from you, say a kind word, such as hello, smile and think of what they are good at.  I bet, somewhere, they have a trophy in their room or office that they are very proud of.

And should you have somebody that deserves recognition for a job well done, think of First Place Awards. We would love to be part of your celebrations.

First Place Awards and Recognition Listing

And, please, take the time to browse other listings on their website, and see what other businesses are reaching out with a friendly hand to the LGBTQ community.